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Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring Solution

Crime Prevention System: Video surveillance without Remote Video Surveillance in Maryland only show events that have already happened. Video surveillance technology is excellent in preventing crime and in working as a visual deterrent. Virtual Guard has been in business since 2007 and has several locations throughout the country. The Virtual Guard system allows our monitoring team to continuously watch your property using a 24/7 live video remote feed. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their premises will always be protected.

Security System Video Verification

Virtual Guard’s Remote Video Surveillance in Maryland is for clients who need real time intervention of their premises. The Virtual Guard system uses high-tech cameras that use the live video monitoring system which is created with an advanced software. The Virtual Guard system is one of the best available and can be integrated into your existing system or it can replace an old system. Our live video monitoring service provides clients with added security to successfully manage their properties. It allows our monitoring team to watch your property during the day and night.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Security Solution

With Remote Video Surveillance in Maryland the Virtual Guard system remains alert at all times, unlike a traditional guard. The system has cameras which capture every activity on the property without ever missing a second. The live video monitoring service keeps a record of every recording for our clients to access anytime they want to. Your property can be viewed from different angles using multiple camera views by our off-site personnel. Any client wanting to access the security service can do so from any device or location 24/7.

Is Virtual Guard’s crime prevention system reliable?

– Virtual Guard’s security systems are both high-tech and high-quality. As a result, personnel at the Control and Command Center are able to efficiently identify and verify all activity in the urban area. This reduces the risks and costs of false alarms or wrong identification as well as assuring quick response times if verified alarms occur.

– The surveillance system is capable of monitoring several crime “hot spots” simultaneously. Digital signals and alerts are transmitted to the Control Center and back from any camera throughout the site, eliminating the need for personnel or guards that were once required to monitor the location. The sophisticated video monitoring equipment can be deployed over a wide area where they will provide live feeds without any technical difficulties.

– Residents of the urban community do not have to worry about job fatigue or staff illnesses of physical guards. With the Virtual Guard Security System, they will have of mind knowing their estate or town is safe, secure, and under 24-hour surveillance every day of the week. Eliminating the need for several physical guards monitoring the site will also give financial relief as the Virtual Guard system is a significantly cheaper option for the community’s crime prevention needs.

The Virtual Guard video security solution will give you peace of mind because your security will be guaranteed. The cameras will be your eyes and they will watch over your property or your business at all times. They are cost-effective, reliable, and they will actively prevent crime from happening on your premises.

Remote Video Surveillance Maryland Solution

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