Commercial Building Security

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Commercial Building Security

Preventing Crime Before It Happens Since 2007

Video Cameras & Monitoring For Commercial Buildings

The Virtual Guard Solution is engineered and designed for preventing loss. Rather than just observing and reporting like normal security systems do, Virtual Guard prevents loss before it happens. Regardless of the kind of commercial facilities or sites your company is operating, we aim increase security value and simultaneously decrease expenses spent on security systems and asset losses.

If you already have an existing surveillance camera system, Virtual Guard, with the help of special software, can perform occasional checks or full-scale dedicated monitoring of existing cameras. Our solutions are designed for any company, large or small, with the help of customized self-adjusting mechanisms, supported by top notch analytics software. Being a customized software, the Virtual Guard software is easily adjustable to the most intricate specification of any client’s existing preprogrammed systems.

Examples of the sites that could utilize security service include (but not limited to):

  • Shopping centers
  • Emporiums and bigger marts
  • Commercial storehouses
  • Goods yards
  • Equipment multi-segmented lots
  • Equipment/Transportation rental companies
  • Larger marine merchant terminals and hubs

Parking Lots Options

If desired, clients can choose to have the Security Service perform an Employee Check-In before employees enter or exit the facility. The Virtual Guard Solution can track their whereabouts and remain with them until the employees are safely at their destination, or have left the premises.

Virtual Guard For Commercial Building

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