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Video Security Solution

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Video Security System and Video Monitoring service:

A video security system is a necessity for any business owner or property manager. Virtual Guard has been providing companies with reliable security solutions since 2007, and has various locations across the country. An event-driven, proactive security system that is interactive such as the Virtual Guard system will monitor your premises 24/7 throughout the year. With the Virtual Guard system crime will be prevented before it can even happen. With the Virtual Guard system companies can keep their assets secured at all times. To find out how our services will benefit you, visit our video monitoring services page.

What will this Video Security System offer you?

As a client, you can expect the following services from Virtual Guard:

  • False alarm/ Video verification & monitoring service
  • Crime prevention
  • Rapid response time
  • Reliable and cost-effective security services

Security System Video Verification

With the video security system and live video monitoring service system companies will have their properties monitored through the use of high-quality video cameras that are used by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The Virtual Guard system uses a high-tech application that is motion-activated and is triggered every time there is suspicious activity. The monitoring team at the Command and Control Center will respond quickly to every threat that is detected and identified through the live security video feeds. The live video footage shows images clearly, so that every intruder can be properly identified and verified. With video verification all chances of false alarms are eliminated.

Crime Prevention

The video security system monitors the properties in real time, so that the guards can respond immediately to every intrusion. When an unauthorized activity is detected, our monitoring team will used the infrared lights and speakers to communicate with the intruder. The monitoring team will attempt to scare the intruder away before a crime can be committed. In the event that this does not work, our personnel will contact the local authorities immediately who will arrive to the premises in order to stop the crime from advancing. With the Virtual Guard system in place companies can have peace of mind knowing their premises are being monitored 24/7.

Rapid Response Time

Local law enforcement officers are usually more likely to respond to a verified alarm. Large volumes of false alarms create longer response times from local authorities. With our real-time video monitoring capability, we are able to weed out false alarms and quickly alert police when verified alarms occur that require their attention. Expediting this process will help authorities arrive to the scene before any crime is committed.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Security Solution

Unlike security guards, the Virtual Guard Video System is alert at all times. It will capture every single moment and activity on the premises. Video feeds from cameras throughout the premises can be viewed simultaneously. The cameras never fall asleep, they don’t get tired, and don’t stop for coffee breaks. The best part is they are increasingly cost effective. The cost of installing your active video security cameras system is significantly less than that of hiring several security guards. Therefore, they are your ideal security solution.

The Virtual Guard video security solution will give you peace of mind because your security will be guaranteed. The cameras will be your eyes and they will watch over your property or your business at all times. They are cost-effective, reliable, and they will actively prevent crime from happening on your premises.

Video Security System and Video Monitoring service

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