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Virtual Guard specializes in providing high-tech security solutions that are reliable and effective and that will actually PREVENT crime from taking place. Our wide range of virtual guard services are designed to give you peace of mind wherever you are. This is because you can be sure that your estate, company, or premises are safe at all times. We provide top-notch security services to areas that would have previously needed a security guard or costly patrol services. We quickly identify potential threats and intercept them, thus protecting you and your valuable assets.

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Our Mission

At Virtual Guard, we understand that certainty is what brings security. You have to be certain that your security systems will have eyes on your premises at all times. Your security systems must be effective and reliable, as this is the only way that you will have peace of mind.

Our mission is to provide you with security that you can be certain and sure of. We give you peace of mind by using security systems that are reliable. Unlike security guards, our systems are not prone to job fatigue, sick leaves, illnesses, coffee breaks, or sleep. We will have eyes on your property 24/7/365. You can be sure that your property is guarded and that you and your assets are safe at all times.

Unlike passive security services that react when it is too late, our Virtual Guard Service intercepts a crime before it happens. We have high-tech systems that help us to identify a possible threat and to act on it immediately. We will prevent the crime from happening and alert the authorities whenever necessary.

We use state-of-the-art monitoring technology and a very interactive Command and Control System. This system has been used in the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, and it has been verified by leading national testing laboratories. The technology that we use has been tested rigorously in all-season conditions in order to ensure that it is working at all times. It has been field-tested under circumstances that far exceed the demands of your estate, site, or commercial premises. With our Virtual Guard Service, your company and your estate have never been better protected.

Our Values

We are very serious about security. However, we are also very serious about the quality of services that we offer you. Our Virtual Guard Service adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Some of the core values that govern our services include:

  • We will fulfill the commitments that we make to you
  • The security and safety of your business or premises is our core business
  • We will treat you and your premises with respect and integrity

We strive to provide you with a cost-effective security solution. The cost of hiring a security guard or a security patrol company is very high. Virtual Guard provides a comprehensive security solution at a fraction of the cost. Our technology and the installation and monitoring process will come at an annual cost that is significantly less than that of hiring a single security guard. Furthermore, the Virtual Guard Command and Control Center is very reliable and efficient, as it is not vulnerable to counter-surveillance attacks, weather disruptions or personal schedules. We are always on guard.

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