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We provide superb service, excellent results and have satisfied clients. We are proud to say that we have offer peace of mind security to our clients, while concurrently saving them money that was previously spent on far more expensive security and guard services.

Here’s what our clients say about us:

We were experiencing theft issues. A security guard was present at our facility. We were skeptical at first of the Virtual Guard’s after hours video monitoring technology but decided to give the system a chance. The protection offered by Virtual Guard was extremely appealing considering the 70 percent cost savings on our security costs and no one ‘sleeping on the job’. Since installing the Virtual Guard system, we have had no theft or losses and monitoring is very reliable.

I recommend Virtual Guard to every business for on line monitoring for theft prevention, employee monitoring and as a worry-free and failsafe alternative to anyone with property requiring round-the-clock security.

Isaac Schwartzman, President of Acker-Stone Industries
Isaac Schwartzman, President of Acker-Stone Industries, Inc.

During the period since, we have experienced absolutely no losses or thefts after hours while Virtual Guard has been monitoring. I have personally tested the system twice: on both occasions, I was discovered immediately upon entering the facility, and the live audio response requested that I leave the premises. I was extremely impressed with the speed of the intrusion detection and the audio statements, which were both polite as well as assertive. In addition, Virtual Guard has always given us prompt and attentive support and I always recommend them to anyone who could benefit from their virtual guard services.

Dennis Erickson, LA Car Guy Group
Dennis Erickson, LA Car Guy Group

We have had Virtual Guard’s comprehensive site security for over 18 months. The cost of watching, protecting, and being on-guard has drastically reduced, and we have suffered zero losses since we shifted to the Virtual Guard system.

Virtual Guard handles the design, installation, maintenance, reporting and alerting authorities of any incidents. We do not need to contend with personnel issues, staff illness or any costs associated with security employees or false alarms. There is no need for us to hire, train and supervise costly person-power to walk the grounds. Virtual Guard provides a real-time surveillance and deterrence system at a fraction of the cost of traditional security services.

Richard Kaufman, Contract Manager, Chapman Automotive Group
Richard Kaufman, Contract Manager, Chapman Automotive Group

Steve Erdman, CEO of Canfield Development, in Los Angeles, CA, develops and builds apartments, condominiums and custom homes throughout Southern California. Large construction sites have always been difficult to assure the integrity of equipment and supplies during the construction and sales processes. “I have completely replaced the need for security guards at our construction sites. With Virtual Guard, our construction projects have achieved a zero loss status, which given current economic conditions, is quite an accomplishment. I recommend the customized and personalized features Virtual Guard designed for my sites and find their intervention command and control center professionals to be outstanding. VG has saved us money, reduced our losses to zero, and most importantly, gives us peace of mind security at our construction sites.

Steve Erdman, CEO of Canfield Development
Steve Erdman, CEO of Canfield Development
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