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Car Dealership Security

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Video Cameras & Monitoring For Car Dealerships

One of the most frequent issues affecting car sales companies is security. Large sales lots, suburban dealership locations, and high foot traffic are just some of the factors that make car dealerships an easy target for theft and vandalism. The ordinary solution for preventing crime is professional on-site security teams. Although regular patrolling is performed throughout the entire premises, the effectiveness of on-site security guarding is sometimes lost due to several factors: shift or schedule changes, human factor, visual limitations, and so on. Consequently, costs of the physical guard service can quickly add up and become a significant issue budget-wise.

So what is the best solution for crime prevention at your car dealership? The Virtual Guard Monitoring Service specializes in Car Dealerships and other related companies and has been proven to be highly efficient in this field.

Each client’s site is carefully planned out, executed, and tailored to meet each location’s security needs. Once cameras are installed, the motion-sensitive system and personnel at the Command & Control Center work together to monitor the site and take action when intruders enter the premises. They will be able to quickly differentiate real customers from potential intruders, and act accordingly. Before a potential car thief can attempt to enter the site, the system works to detect movement and personnel quickly react to pinpoint their location and deter the intruder. Clients can rest easy knowing that the perimeter is always secure.

With the Virtual Guard Monitoring Service, car dealerships will benefit from overall lower liability, insurance costs, personnel costs, and they will have peace of mind.

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