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Industrial Manufacturing Security

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Industrial Manufacturing Security

Industrial manufacturing security can often be challenging due to the sheer scale of operations, valuable equipment, and open-access areas, making these sites susceptible to theft and vandalism. Traditional security solutions can fall short due to a number of factors, but with a live video monitoring service provided by Virtual Guard, property owners can take advantage of robust, customizable security solutions for properties of all sizes.

Our state of the art industrial manufacturing security system integrates advanced cameras strategically placed throughout the premises, coupled with live monitoring and rapid intervention capabilities. The Virtual Guard technology archives video feeds, cataloging for easy access and ensuring a two-year record stored securely in the clout, bolstering security measures with comprehensive footage that is also accessible in real time.

By supplementing on-site patrols with our industrial manufacturing security protocols, blind spots are minimized, enhancing overall security without compromising safety or danger to your on-site guard due to the possibility of an attack. Each installation is customized by the parameters of your property to provide unmatched protection whenever needed. Give us a call today to learn more.

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