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Virtual Inspector
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Why Virtual Inspector?

A Virtual Inspector from Virtual Guard will provide your business with the protection it needs against car scratches, vandalism, or theft. Virtual Guard was started in 2007 and has since then provided reliable security solutions to businesses of all backgrounds. We have several locations throughout the country to provide businesses with better service. When a customer goes to your business for car service, it is very important that your customer feel confident that his car will be safe while under your care. By choosing Virtual Guard you will be able to keep the cars that you service safe and untouched.

With a Virtual Inspector we make guarding the cars that you service easier, so that you can focus on servicing cars. Our team at Virtual Guard is committed to providing you with reliable live video monitoring security to keep your premise secured at all times. The technology that we use is the same technology that is used by the Department of Homeland Security. Since Virtual Guard is the only security company that is approved by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), you can feel confident that you will receive event-driven, reliable security solutions. You and your crew will be able to fully focus on servicing cars while our team at Virtual Guard monitors and protects your premise.

A virtual inspector will record a movie of the car that is driven through the entrance of your garage. This is done with 8 HD cameras mounted on arches, which provide a full view of the car. With license plate recognition our software will capture the license plate and store all files on the cloud. To provide you with continued service, we keep the files for two years and will take care of your customers' complaints regarding the car's appearance before getting the service. With Virtual Guard car service companies can have the peace of mind they need to provide flawless, excellent customer service.

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What Does The Virtual Inspector Do?

  • Record an HD movie of the car as it drives through the entrance to your service drive or garage.
  • License Plate Recognition captures the license plate and ties it to the HD movie for easy reference.
  • Stores the visual files on the cloud.
  • Keeps the files for two years to ensure compliance with statute of limitation issues.
  • Takes care of all customer complaints concerning the body’s condition prior to service.
  • Your crew is involved in none of these issues so they can concentrate more on your clients.

2 Drive Through Arched Arms With 4 HD Cameras On Each. Plus One License Plate Recognition Camera.

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How Does It Work?

  • Each of your service lanes is equipped with two (2) arched arms, one on each side.
  • Four (4) High-Resolution cameras are mounted on each arch, providing complete view of car.
  • Our license plate capture camera uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which allows us to archive each Plate as a text, therefore giving the customer the ability to search for an event using the license plate number
  • One additional camera (recognition camera) is set to capture license plate.
  • See illustration for visual demonstration.

Created for Service Lanes at Auto Dealerships

Who We Are

  • Over 15 years experience in video monitoring security.
  • Perimeter protection specialist for auto dealerships.
  • Security surveillance with video analytics.
  • Monitoring security operations is supervised by former Lieutenant Colonel in the national Israeli Police.
  • Proprietary technology as used by the Department of Homeland Security
  • A turnkey system, operating throughout the U.S. and Canada, with its own command center, installation units and technology development. No aspect of the company’s operation is out-sourced.
  • Virtual Guard® is the only security company approved by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and only 1 out of 60 such approved vendors overall!

The scratch wasn't there!

Record an HD movie of the car as it drives through the entrance to your service drive or garage.

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