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Your company’s construction site security must be in order in order to prevent crime, which is where the Virtual Guard Solution steps in with a live video monitoring system, as a top security tool for companies. Virtual Guard has been in business since 2007 and has various locations across the country. Construction sites are at high risk since larger equipment and supplies are stored outside in an unsecured environment. Thieves and vandals can easily target construction sites, but placing physical security guards on the premise is not sufficient or effective in preventing a crime from happening. With the Virtual Guard solution these risks can be greatly reduced. Our team at Virtual Guard will customize your security system to meet the needs of your company.

Physical Guard vs. Virtual Guard

Your construction site security will be stronger if a virtual guard is used in the place of physical security guards. There are far more advantages to using a virtual guard than there are to using a physical guard. Physical security guards are influenced by shift changes, psychological factors, physiological factors, and much more. With a virtual guard construction companies do not have to worry about a physical guard needing breaks, feeling fatigued, or getting attacked on the job. With a virtual guard you will increase efficiency which will also help reduce costs since it usually costs more to pay a physical guard.

Construction site security methods which are older are now being replaced by the Virtual Guard technology. The Virtual Guard system gives construction sites and other companies peace of mind knowing they can fully protect their sites. Construction companies can be certain that they can keep their condominiums, apartments, and compounds protected from crime. With the Virtual Guard system in place you will be able to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Our team at Virtual Guard understands the importance of reliable security.

Command & Control Center

The Command & Control Center has proved to be very efficient in crime prevention. With motion-activated programming and real-time video footage, quick analysis and action can be taken by personnel in case of intruders or any activity on the construction site.

While current economic conditions forcing companies to reduce all costs, including security costs, the Virtual Guard Solution is proving to be a reliable and efficient tool to cover all security issues while keeping construction and industrial sites within their budgets.

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