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Live Video Monitoring Service - Managed Access Control Illinois: Businesses that include commercial buildings, construction sites, car dealerships, estates, and more have assets they want to secure. With Virtual Guard's live video monitoring system business owners can keep their assets fully secured. Business owners would have to place a security guard at every corner to protect their premises. This would be a costly and impractical way of protecting your property, and it would not provide you with fool-proof security. A guard can suffer from job fatigue and requires coffee breaks that could put your business at a higher risk for an intrusion. Virtual Guard was started in 2007, and is a top choice for security solutions.

How does the live video monitoring service work?

With our managed access control in Illinois or live video monitoring service you will be using a proactive security approach that is event-driven. The Virtual Guard system provides our monitoring team with the ability to respond to suspicious activity or an intrusion right away. Virtual Guard's professional monitoring team will monitor the video cameras at all times, so that they can respond quickly when needed. Since our professional monitoring team watches the videos in real-time, you will always receive a fast response. With the Virtual Guard system in place you will always be able to protect your property.

The Virtual Guard managed access control in Illinois and live video monitoring service uses high-quality equipment that is similar to the technology used by the Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security. Our professional team at Virtual Guard developed a software that helps guards to quickly respond to any intrusion. Virtual Guard uses high-quality video to monitor the live feed in detail. We use live video verification to eliminate false alarms. Our monitoring team uses a recorded and live messaging system to communicate with the intruder.


Virtual Guard prevents crime, loitering, trespassing and other unwanted activity before it can get started. Our leading edge technology, wholly owned and operated monitoring facilities and proactive procedures detect system failures and verify when access points are compromised. Virtual Guard’s technology and software allows live, remote guards to interact with the site, as the event is happening, using audio to voice down warnings and commands or to alert security and local law enforcement. When used with cameras, a visual verification can also be provided.

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Community Benefits

  • Eliminate undetected, unauthorized building access.
  • Create Peace of Mind for your residents and visitors.
  • Avoid unnecessary calls to Management and Security.
  • Remotely lock or unlock doors when necessary.
  • Managers have a security resource to count on.
  • Create increased access accountability.
  • Potentially reduce insurance premiums.
  • Potentially reduce your security budget.

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