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Access, Monitoring and Visitor Management System for Your Property

Access, Monitoring and Visitor Management System for Your Property

Traditional onsite guards are expensive to maintain and often vulnerable to a host of human error including falling asleep, becoming distracted by technology, arriving late of leaving early from their shift and taking needed breaks which all lead to poor performance. Onsite guards may, because of face-to-face confrontation, get threatened, bribed, charmed or otherwise coerced into allowing unauthorized persons through your gates. A Virtual Guard system for your gate, or Virtual Gate Attendant, allows a bank of remote guards to share the duties and always have someone available to greet your guests.

Advanced technology allows the whole transaction to be recorded, including an image of the guest’s Driver’s License, vehicle License Plate, face and voice, all into one easily retrievable file for future use. Remote guards are a fraction of the cost because they eliminate guard downtime and allow your community to share the cost of guards with other communities just like yours. Because guards share communities, they easily cover for others arriving late or taking the day off. They are in a secure building and have supervisors to avoid distractions and coercion.  

  • Access control management
  • Visitor management
  • Prevent theft and vandalism
  • Prevent intruders from entering the premises
  • Monitor any activity throughout the premises at all times
  • 24/7 Live operations center support

Virtual Guard – the Key to your Security, Privacy, and Control

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