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Virtual Video Monitoring Service

Virtual Video Monitoring: Playing a crucial role in security, a Virtual Video Monitor for Wisconsin properties provides real-time monitoring that allows business owners and security personnel to keep a close eye on the premises, identify potential threats, and take immediate action in case of an emergency. At Virtual Guard, this live video monitoring service is installed by placing cameras to eliminate blind spots and provide a comprehensive view of the area.

How does the live remote Video Monitoring work?

A virtual video monitor for Wisconsin properties can be integrated with other security technologies, whether working with on-site security personnel or enhancing an existing security system by adding features such as guest screening, license plate capture, and two-way intercoms. This cutting-edge technology can reduce the need for manned surveillance during off-peak hours while ensuring cost-effective and efficient security measures.

Pioneering the industry since 2007, Virtual Guard delivers dependable and technologically advanced security solutions that can be effective in deterring crime before it occurs. Our virtual video monitor in Wisconsin enables real-time surveillance of the entire site, allowing our team to detect unusual activities, unauthorized access, and safety violations and dispatch security measures as needed. Call Virtual Guard today to learn more!

Virtual Guard uses a technology that is similar to the technology that is used by the Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security. It is a high-quality technology that has a software installed which helps our monitoring team to act immediately.

It enables our monitoring team to watch a live feed of your property so that we can respond immediately to any threat. With the live video monitoring service our team can communicate with the intruder using a pre-recorded and live message through the speakers. With this system, properties are properly monitored and secured at all times. Virtual Guards live video monitoring system is available nationwide.

Benefits of Virtual Guard Virtual Video Monitoring Service

  • Unlike other passive security video systems, the Virtual Guard video monitoring system is proactive, constantly watching the premises to detect any activity on site.
  • Live video monitoring prevents crime from happening. This type of security monitoring does not simply scan recorded videos after the crime has happened. The videos are monitored at all times in order to catch and prevent the intruder from committing any crime.
  • The Video Monitoring Service provides an immediate response whenever any activity occurs on site. The system plays pre-recorded and live messages through the speakers to notify and fend off intruders. If all else fails, the personnel can also escalate the situation to local law enforcement officials to quickly facilitate the removal of the intruder before any crime occurs.
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