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Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring Solution

Crime Prevention System: Virtual Guard's exclusive Video Surveillance Monitoring for North Dakota businesses, warehouses, commercial and industrial establishments play a critical part in crime prevention. This gap is filled by video surveillance monitoring, which provides a live security presence that can swiftly and efficiently identify dangers. When the system identifies a potential threat, it displays the area of concern on a security monitor for a remote agent to assess.

Security System Video Verification

Video Surveillance Monitoring in North Dakota gives visual confirmation of the security system, proving that the burglar alarm is not a false alarm and that immediate action is necessary on the premises. When the security system detects unusual behavior, an alarm is sent out, and video footage is captured. The alarm trigger is then supplied to the control center and the clip. After our security expert has reviewed the tape and decided if it is a burglary or another form of crime, it is immediately forwarded to the proper authorities for further action.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Security Solution

Virtual Guard's Video Surveillance Monitoring in North Dakota keeps a close eye on your property in real-time, capturing every second for later retrieval. Virtual Guard is a proactive, event-driven security solution that safeguards the protection of clients. We can provide clients peace of mind when it comes to security concerns. Our remote video surveillance and live video monitoring service are more dependable and cost-effective than hiring traditional security guards.

Is Virtual Guard’s crime prevention system reliable?

– Virtual Guard’s security systems are both high-tech and high-quality. As a result, personnel at the Control and Command Center are able to efficiently identify and verify all activity in the urban area. This reduces the risks and costs of false alarms or wrong identification as well as assuring quick response times if verified alarms occur.

– The surveillance system is capable of monitoring several crime “hot spots” simultaneously. Digital signals and alerts are transmitted to the Control Center and back from any camera throughout the site, eliminating the need for personnel or guards that were once required to monitor the location. The sophisticated Video Monitoring equipment can be deployed over a wide area where they will provide live feeds without any technical difficulties.

– Residents of the urban community do not have to worry about job fatigue or staff illnesses of physical guards. With the Virtual Guard Security System, they will have of mind knowing their estate or town is safe, secure, and under 24-hour surveillance every day of the week. Eliminating the need for several physical guards monitoring the site will also give financial relief as the Virtual Guard system is a significantly cheaper option for the community’s crime prevention needs.

The Virtual Guard video security solution will give you peace of mind because your security will be guaranteed. The cameras will be your eyes and they will watch over your property or your business at all times. They are cost-effective, reliable, and they will actively prevent crime from happening on your premises.

Video Surveillance Monitoring North Dakota Solution

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