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Remote Video Monitoring Solution

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Remote Video Monitoring Service

Crime Prevention System: If you manage your business in a highly populated area, Virtual Guard's Remote Video Monitoring Solution in Illinois is your security partner for protecting your workplace. Perimeter monitoring and video surveillance systems created with modern technology are helpful for people working in distant areas where crimes like vandalism are frequently not reported. According to human psychology, 50% of all would-be burglars would disappear if they spotted cameras. In front of your place of business, hit-and-run incidents can be avoided with the use of services for live video surveillance.

How does the live remote Video Monitoring work?

Your property needs a Remote Video Monitoring Solution in Illinois since the security staff has a limited number of things they can watch. He might turn down certain opportunities. By installing security technology and monitoring every minute movement on the radar, your facilities may be observed continually and without interruption. In addition to offering top-notch home protection options, Virtual Guard is renowned for its capacity to catch burglars in the act. Live video monitoring services may notice any activity outside a building and, following video verification, may alert the local law enforcement department to avoid false alarms.

The Remote Video Monitoring Solution in Illinois from Virtual Guard addresses problems, including increased security lapses, major dangers, strict regulations, and an expanding amount of video data. Video analytics has become crucial in security applications as it becomes more and more difficult for human operators to keep up with the growing number of video channels in today's surveillance systems. We employ cutting-edge motion-activated algorithms and high-resolution cameras to search for anomalous or suspicious activity.

Virtual Guard uses a technology that is similar to the technology that is used by the Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security. It is a high-quality technology that has a software installed which helps our monitoring team to act immediately.

It enables our monitoring team to watch a live feed of your property so that we can respond immediately to any threat. With the live video monitoring service our team can communicate with the intruder using a pre-recorded and live message through the speakers. With this system, properties are properly monitored and secured at all times. Virtual Guards live video monitoring system is available nationwide.

Benefits of Virtual Guard Remote Video Monitoring Service

  • Unlike other passive security video systems, the Virtual Guard video monitoring system is proactive, constantly watching the premises to detect any activity on site.
  • Live video monitoring prevents crime from happening. This type of security monitoring does not simply scan recorded videos after the crime has happened. The videos are monitored at all times in order to catch and prevent the intruder from committing any crime.
  • The Video Monitoring Service provides an immediate response whenever any activity occurs on site. The system plays pre-recorded and live messages through the speakers to notify and fend off intruders. If all else fails, the personnel can also escalate the situation to local law enforcement officials to quickly facilitate the removal of the intruder before any crime occurs.
Remote Video Monitoring & Surveillance Solution

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