• 10 Years Anniversary of Preventing Crime before it Happens.

    Our surveillance technology provides perimeter site security systems to clients throughout North America. The intention of our service is to stop intruders at the perimeter of the property, essentially stopping intrusions, vandalism, and break-ins before they start.

    The challenge on large property sites is to simulate guards with active intervention capabilities along the entire perimeter of the property, and to do so cost-effectively, continuously, and unobtrusively. “Peace of mind” site security requires more than traditional alarm systems or security guards. Also, in today’s business environment, peace of mind means maximum cost-effectiveness for the highest quality service – that’s the kind of protection we give all Virtual Guard clients!

    • The Virtual Guard Solution covers the entire property and our command & control center is instantly aware of any single or multiple human intrusion well before an intruder can do harm.

    • Using customized intelligent video, any intruder to the property is immediately identified and tracked.

    • The Virtual Guard systems are self-adjusting, and secure from equipment tempering.

    • Virtual Guard uses the latest high-performance, feature-rich encoders and cameras embedded with video analytics, plus video software for control and management of security systems tailored to the needs of our clients.

    • In case of an intrusion, demands to the intruder(s) are announced over an audio system that lets the intruder, and everyone in the immediate vicinity, know he is identified, tracked, and that, if he does not immediately leave the property, police will be informed and directed to the perpetrator.

    • To date, the Virtual Guard system has proven 100 percent effective for all of our clients.

    • The Virtual Guard system is not subject to weather, lighting, electrical outages, phone line failure, counter-surveillance attacks, personnel schedules, or forced false alarm responses.

    • Intruders cannot by-pass our system!

    At the heart of the Virtual Guard security solution is a hi-tech intelligent video monitoring and interactive command & control system used by the US Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and verified by leading national testing laboratories. The technology Virtual Guard has incorporated into its system has been rigorously tested overs all-season conditions and field tested under circumstances far exceeding any commercial, site, or estate demands. The Virtual Guard Solution protects property against prohibited intrusions in a more comprehensive manner than on-site guards or passive security systems.

    The Virtual Guard Solution is always on-guard from vantage points that actively oversee the client’s entire site within and beyond the property line, watching and protecting before any intruder crosses the perimeter