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School security systems

The Virtual Guard Solution provides unique flexibility, school/campus customization and adaptation to assure maximum deterrence over open, sprawling and multiple campuses.

The Virtual Guard Solution superbly manifests its advantages over any combination of security or patrol services for large campus environment. Virtual Guard can literally be everyplace at once, day or night, in all types of weather and under any type of condition on site. Conventional surveillance systems are not sufficient to cover increasingly complex and sensitive university-based facilities — everything from scientific laboratories to large athletic stadiums.

The Virtual Guard Solution can be used for observation, deterrence, as well as site specific needs, such as remotely locking and unlocking buildings, classrooms, laboratories, parking lots/garages and all other types of related comings and goings that may need to be controlled and/or monitored. All of these options can be specifically designed for any school and campus, and in all cases, will be significantly less expensive than guards or guard services.

Virtual Guard Solution combines proprietary, field-tested video event detection and analysis capability with the most advanced security hardware to provide intelligent monitoring and real-time response.

Virtual Guard is the pioneer in hi-tech, interactive, remote-controlled, security solutions. The Virtual Guard system identifies and distinguishes real threats from false alarms, while enabling real-time reaction and response at all times and under all conditions.

School security systems