Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring: Security is a major concern for most property owners. This is the reason why so many of them invest in professional security guards and surveillance cameras. Though all of these measures can be quite effective, they have a number of disadvantages.

Security guard compared to remote video monitoring

These include:

  • Security guards can get tired after working for a while. They can fall asleep while on duty. This means that the property can be attacked during this time.
  • Security guards can miss a lot, even when they are awake.
  • Security guards can sometimes get ill. They are also governed by work schedules, and they may have to rest or take coffee breaks.
  • Hiring professional security guards can be quite expensive in the long run.
  • CCTV cameras are passive surveillance mechanisms. This is because they simply record everything that is happening. The owner of the establishment and law enforcement officials will have to review the tapes after a crime has happened in order to catch the criminals. It cannot be used to actively stop a crime before it happens.
  • CCTV cameras are sometimes affected by severe weather conditions. This means that they do not always record the crime when it is happening. Therefore, an intruder can get away with the crime because the cameras were not working properly.

This is the reason why property owners should consider remote video monitoring and surveillance.

Consider remote video monitoring

What is Virtual Guard and how can we help with this?

Virtual guard is a company that focuses more on crime prevention than crime solving. It offers security solutions that will prevent the crime from happening by preventing unwanted intrusion in various buildings and locations. Some of the locations that would benefit from Virtual guard include auto dealerships, commercial buildings, construction sites, industrial sites, estates, hospitals, warehouses, schools, colleges and museums.

The technology that is used at Virtual Guard is similar to the technology that is used in the Department of Energy, the Department of defense, and top national testing laboratories. This is the main reason why Virtual Guard is such a trusted security provider for so many companies. The interactive control and command system and the hi-tech monitoring system have given clients peace of mind, as they can be sure that their property is secure. Furthermore, this technology has been tested in order to ensure that it works effectively in all seasons. It has also been tested under circumstances that exceed the demands of any industry, company, or commercial site.

The best part is that Virtual guard is more reliable than employing security guards. This is because the control system is not affected by weather, lightning, fatigue, illness, personal schedules, coffee breaks, or counter-surveillance attacks. The system is always on guard, and it will help the client to prevent any intrusion into their property.

Virtual guard remote video monitoring services

Clients can expect the following services from virtual guard’s remote video monitoring systems:

  • Security systems
  • Crime prevention
  • Remote video monitoring

Security systems

Virtual guard provides a proactive and cost effective security system that enhances the security and safety of commercial, government and industrial sites. The system watches the area in real time, and takes note of suspicious vehicles, vandalism and intruders on the premises. Absolutely no threat or intruder can be able to bypass the Virtual Guard security system without detection. The professionals at virtual guard will be able to notice any suspicious activity and alert the authorities immediately. They can also use the strobe lights and the speakers to scare the intruder away before they have the chance to commit any crime.

Crime prevention with remote video monitoring

Virtual guard’s remote video monitoring system goes a step further and helps to prevent the crime from happening. Instead of simply recording events, the system has beacon lights and speakers that are used to scare trespassers away from the property. The system communicates directly with the intruder until they leave the premises. In case the identification and warning is insufficient, the system will contact the administration and law enforcement officers if need be. Therefore, the police can arrive on time and catch the criminal or stop the crime before it happens.

The video monitoring system has been used effectively to prevent urban crime on major streets from happening. The cameras are installed on major roads, highways, parking spots and other open spaces. The control system has professionals who are alerted whenever a crime is happening on any of these streets. They can be able to effectively identify the perpetrator, and issue warnings. They can also alert law enforcement officials to get to the scene of the crime immediately in order to prevent the crime from happening.

Remote video monitoring

Virtual guard offers video monitoring services that ensure that your premises are always guarded. The control and command system has hi-tech monitoring equipment that have been certified by the Israel Defense Forces. You can therefore be sure that all eyes are on your property at all times. The software in this system responds to any movement within the premises and alerts its guards. In case there is an intruder, the guards can communicate directly to them using strobe lights and speakers. This will scare the intruders before they commit the crime. Virtual guard may also contact the local authorities when necessary.

A client who decides to use Virtual Guard does not have to worry about anything, as the company will take care of everything on their behalf. The company will take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the system. They will also provide audio commands to the intruders. The company can also alert and report to the authorities in case there are any incidences on the property. The client can therefore have peace of mind, as they will be assured of the safety of their site or premises. The best part is that such a reliable system is quite cost effective. Most companies have attested to the fact that they have saved as much as 70% on security without compromising on the safety of their site. It is therefore the best solution for any client or company that requires round-the-clock surveillance.