The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is the oldest holocaust museum in the United States. The building is adjacent to The Grove shopping mall in West Hollywood and has a very convenient location in a public part. All visitors can enter the museum for free.

Considering the size of the museum as well as its situation, automotive and foot traffic, protecting such a historical heritage is incredibly challenging. Since the museum is a public operating facility, it requires much effort to provide proper protection.

Increase in crime (especially theft offence) puts public museums at very serious threat.

Ton Cremers, a former security manager at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum for 15 years, says that private collectors have a great advantage over museums since they usually do their best to keep their “treasures” secret from strangers. However, the museums are supposed to do just the opposite – their mission is to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the exhibits. That is why it is impossible for a museum to leave the value of the collection in the dark – there are enough people with proper knowledge and experience who can quickly determine approximate cost of an artifact.

Securing the museum territory does not only require precaution, we also need to consider the focus and the theme of the museum. The need for security, as in the case of all museums that holds historic, scientific, artistic and/or cultural interest exhibits, requires careful monitoring of large areas, the ability for immediate response to calls, cost-effective solutions and finally unrelenting constant vigilance.

Over the years, museums have stepped up their security protocols. Most museums now have at least two of the following security systems:

  • Alarm systems
  • Integrated security systems (including security video systems)
  • Electronic systems
  • Close-circuit television cameras (CCTV cameras)

However, none of these solutions guarantee 100% protection against thefts in the museums. That is why there is a need to introduce a new system that will keep track of everything happening in the museum. Virtual Guard protects each museum site with its comprehensive ioimage intelligent video security system that is backed by a custom-designed interactive proprietary software solution.

A comprehensive ioimage intelligent video helps transform video surveillance into an automated process for real-time detection, alert generation, and tracking of intruders, vehicles, and threats. It has been proven to be 100% effective. Many government, public and commercial organizations are already using this intelligent video.

With Virtual Guards your museum gets the highest level of protection without any need to trouble the visitors with any restrictions. No other video surveillance companies can provide such guarantees.

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