Hospitals security

Hospitals security

The Virtual Guard hi-tech hospital security solutions, field-tested, technology, combined with its professional Command & Control Center, offers a highly-focused ability to provide surveillance and protection to medical facilities and campuses requiring active, real-time threat detection and prevention capabilities. Medical facilities, including clinics and outpatient centers must protect many drugs and medical supplies, expensive equipment and sensitive data. These are common targets of theft and other related criminal activities.

Passive hospital security comparison

Conventional passive hospitals security systems or security guard services can often fail to identify threats or criminal activity. Medical facilities require a unique and customized deterrent system to be designed specifically for their needs, physical layout and privacy considerations.

Virtual Guard specializes in the customization of its hospitals security technology, software and interactive communications. It is the pioneer for this type of site-specific considerations and needs. The Virtual Guard Solution can identify and distinguish activity down to the specific pixel-level, including identifying badges, labels, and of course, high resolution of larger areas. Interactive applications can also be customized for the client, allowing remote locking and unlocking of secure sites or other security sensitive considerations.

hospitals security