Estate Protection

Gated communities security

Large estates or estate communities demand a level of site security well beyond the commercial passive services available on the market today. While a security guard service may be justified in some circumstances for estate security, only Virtual Guard can actively scan the entire property with the intention of prevention from the moment the perimeter is reached, and prior to it being breached.

Passive security services often react only after the “barn door” has opened.

Virtual Guard installs a cutting-edge system to actively detect any type of intrusion at the site perimeter, as well as to track the intruder, identify the intruder, and communicate directly with the intruder. If direct and personal detection, identification and warning are insufficient, Virtual Guard makes appropriate police and secondary notifications when necessary. To date, the Virtual Guard system has proven 100 % effective and customers completely satisfied.

At the heart of the Virtual Guard, Inc. security solution is a hi-tech monitoring and interactive Command & Control System certified by the Israel Defense Forces and leading national testing laboratories. The ioimage technology Virtual Guard has incorporated into its system has been military-tested over rigorous all-season conditions and field-tested under circumstances that far exceed the typical commercial, site or residential demands in the United States.

Virtual Guard’s new technology, installed and monitored, comes at an annual cost that is substantially less than the employment of one single guard, and is vastly superior to any passive residential system available on the market today – and at a cost comparison that is highly favorable. While increasing security and decreasing expenses, Virtual Guard provides real-time monitoring from its Incident & Control Center that is not subject to weather, lightning, counter-surveillance attacks, personnel schedules, coffee breaks or illnesses. We are always on guard!


gated communities security