Construction / Industrial Sites

Construction / Industrial Sites

Construction and Industrial Sites: The Virtual Guard Solution was envisioned as an ultimate tool for keeping your company’s construction site security in order. Bigger companies are often concerned with safety issues since there are a lot of equipment and supplies being kept outdoors. While remaining outside of the main security coverage of big construction companies, those equipment and supply assets are becoming an easy target for thieves and vandals of various kinds. Regular human guards have proved to be an insufficient and ineffective instrument for the construction site security. This is where Virtual Guard solution comes in to help the construction company and reduce their risks and losses.

Human guard versus Virtual Guard

Human guards, while being less effective than Virtual Guard, are also expensive units to have for the bigger company. Restrictions of human vision and ability to reach certain areas, shifts, changing issues, human psychological factor in general- all of these reduce the efficiency of guards. The Virtual Guard, on the other hand, reduces costs significantly because the whole system may cost less than one guardian human unit.

Companies that utilized Virtual Guard technology and replaced older methods of construction site security are satisfied with the efficiency of Virtual Guard. Now real estate developers and constructing companies can be sure that their apartments, condominiums and larger areas in construction are safe and sound.

Command & Control Center

The special feature of the Virtual Guard solution – the Command & Control Center has proved to be super efficient. Command & Control Center allows for monitoring potentially malicious activity on the construction site and in case of spotting an alarming event, it will take an adequate action which will prevent your goods from being stolen. There is no movement on the territory of the site that cannot be spotted and analyzed by the Virtual Guard. The quick real-time analysis of the video footage by Virtual Guard helps to take quick actions.

Being a customized product, the Virtual Guard can be adjusted to any construction company needs, regardless of the size of the company.

While the current economic conditions force companies to reduce all possible costs, security costs in particular, the Virtual Guard is proving to be an excellent and efficient tool to cover all security issues while remaining a reliable mechanism for preventing theft and losses for construction companies.


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