Car dealership security

Car dealership security

Car dealership security is one of the most frequent issues affecting sales companies specializing in cars. Special sales lots are showcasing both new and previously owned cars. Usually car-dependent communities of modern sprawled suburban areas of big cities, visit car dealership lots regularly. Being set at vast spaces, these lots are easy targets for those who want to vandalize or even steal a car.

Specializing in car dealership security

The ordinary solution that managing directors of dealers are using for the preventing of potential harm is professional security teams. Regular patrolling is performed at the parking outdoor lots in order to monitor the site and take action if necessary. While this solution may prove efficient in guarding smaller lots, for bigger areas; the effectiveness of real people guarding cars is being decreased dramatically due to several factors: shifts schedule changes, human factor, visual limitations, etc. At the same time, costs on this service are not low and can become a significant issue budget-wise, in case expanded security is needed in vehicles dealership segment. Virtual Guard system would cost less than one single human guard unit would cost.

The Virtual Guard service is specializing in car dealerships and companies involved in cars, and have proved to be highly efficient in this field. The specific client gets customized to its needs in security service. Virtual Guard system is highly flexible and applicable to any other industry regardless of specialization, status and size.

The Virtual guard is operated by the distinguished Command & Control Center that monitors any suspicious activity on the lot, and immediately takes action according to the situation. Before a potential car thief will attempt to enter the side, The Command & Control Center professionals would spot him/her and prevent your company from the resulting financial damage. The whole perimeter of the site is being literally watched by the Virtual Guard.

The customization of the security system allows the distinguishing of real car buyers from suspicious visitors. In case of potentially harmful behavior, relevant identification and warnings are being delivered and authorized security can be called upon for investigation. Usually, when potential intruders are warned, they are always likely to leave the territory of the site as soon as possible.

Car dealership security segment is benefiting from using time-proven systems such as the Virtual Guard. The benefits include lower insurance costs, lower personnel costs and stable functioning of the property.