Virtual Guard, a security services company, has played a key role in a recent murder investigation in Phoenix, Arizona. The company’s video monitoring setup directly enabled the police to identify the getaway car, which led to the suspect’s arrest.

Earlier this summer Virtual Guard’s operations director received an urgent call from the property manager of one of the company’s client, a shopping mall in Phoenix, Arizona: “… something happened” whispered the manager, “somebody was murdered here, the police needs your help!”

It was indeed fortuitous that the Virtual Guard’s operations director happened to be a former Police Lt. Colonel Avishy Bar Tal, who knew exactly what to do. Following a conversation with the local police detective, Mr. Bar Tal delivered the specific elements needed to identify and apprehend the suspect: the running footage of the incident, the right camera angles, and the identification of the getaway car in both still photographs and running clips. “It was a big help,” acknowledged the local police detective.

According to press reports the police found the victim in the front-passenger seat of a black Scion with a gunshot wound in the head. The suspect originally denied shooting the victim, but changed his story when evidence was presented.

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While our security service is designed predominantly for crime prevention, we are happy to support the police in any way we can. Actually, we are delighted to contribute to law enforcement’s efforts, balancing just a bit the countless times the men & women in blue have aided ours.

Virtual Guard President, Owen Dvir

Virtual Guard is a leading developer and integrator of cutting edge technology, combined with experienced security professionals, designed to cost-effectively prevent intruders from breaching the secured perimeter. The company’s founder and CEO, Steve Devir, cut his teeth on security matter decades ago when he served in the Israeli Defense Force. The technology is based, in part, on national systems used by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and verified by leading national testing laboratories. The system used has been tested rigorously in all seasons and all visual conditions in order to ensure that it is active at all times.
Virtual Guard solutions are currently being used by auto dealerships, museums, scrap yards, construction sites, government facilities, warehouses, estate protection, commercial buildings, and industrial or manufacturing sites.