Virtual Guard, a video monitoring company, announces its plans to employ a new instrument in its arsenal: the security drone! The company believes that the Virtual Guard Eagle represents a paradigm shift in perimeter security.

The introduction of the Virtual Guard Eagle, a highly sophisticated security drone, marked a defining moment for Virtual Guard, Inc., a video monitoring security company. Its introduction in various trade shows drew hoards of participants to the company’s booth, where Virtual Guard Eagle was unveiled. As a result, the company witnessed its highest level in new leads and in sales.

This drone is the newest tool in perimeter security and will be offered as an additional service to Virtual Guard customers. While the drone’s software is state of the art, its operation is simple. A guard, watching video monitors in a command center, could launch it by gently pushing a button upon spotting an unwelcomed intruder. The drone then will be dispatched from its perch to hovering directly above the intruder. Armed with a camera, it is equipped with multicolor strobe lights, while a harsh bright beam is trained on the intruder, and all along a loudspeaker ‘encouraging’ the person to leave. The drone’s noise alone could scare off a would-be perpetrator, anyway.

“The Virtual Guard Eagle represent a paradigm shift in perimeter security,” says Owen Dvir, Virtual Guard’s President. “Perpetrators are more brazen these days, and more traditional warnings may not cut it. But with our drone the intruder knows he is being constantly watched, can’t hide, and literally escorted outside the facility. This is the ultimate Preventer of Crime before it happens, which is our goal and adopted motto.”

gI_65391_VG Drone

The Virtual Guard Eagle represents a paradigm shift in perimeter security. Perpetrators are more brazen these days, and more traditional warnings may not cut it.

Expanding on the subject, Mr. Dvir adds, “Generally, Virtual Guard security services eliminate the need of hiring expensive security guard companies and is not vulnerable to guard job fatigue or coffee breaks. The system is always on guard, and watching. Virtual Guard provides a significant cost saving over hiring guards from patrol security guard services, and can be more effective than any other security system in protecting large perimeter sites and detecting intrusions and loss before they accumulate.”

Virtual Guard is a leading developer and integrator of cutting edge technology, combined with experienced security professionals, designed to cost-effectively prevent a loss prior to intruders breaching the perimeter of the secured site. Its Interactive Command and Control Center is located in Los Angeles and is designed for clients’ security solutions. The technology is based, in part, on national systems used by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and verified by leading national testing laboratories. The system used has been tested rigorously in all seasons and all visual conditions in order to ensure that it is active at all times. It has been field-tested under circumstances far exceeding the demands of civilian commercial, residential or construction sites.

Virtual Guard solutions are currently being used by auto dealerships, hospitals, museums, scrap yards, construction sites, government facilities, warehouses, estate protection, commercial buildings, and industrial or manufacturing sites.