How does cutting edge technology prevent crime, slash costs while advancing peace of mind? As reported in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, theft and vandalism on construction sites is an industry-wide problem that directly affects the bottom line. It diminishes productivity, delays project completion and slashes profits.

An estimate of the total value of just equipment stolen from construction sites is over $1 billion annually, and rising. To further complicate the matter, failing to provide perimeter security at a construction site resulted in a $20 million lawsuit against a developer in Los Angeles. The city attorney is claiming negligence was responsible for damage caused by a massive fire, which was actually ignited by a trespasser…

So do you think there is a problem here?

Winston Churchill once said that ‘you can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.’ I’m sure he did not refer to the above predicament but he was right in this case, too. Following trials and technology innovations, a comprehensive, cutting edge site security solution has emerged, one that essentially eliminates loss and damage to one’s property and equipment. An added bonus is the fact that this method is more economical than current security costs, and far more reliable.

Instead of using the old ‘technology’ of on-site security guard, this innovation employs a comprehensive virtual guard technology, combined with always on-guard professional security team, providing security solutions based on national security systems used by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and is verified by national testing laboratories.

The virtual guard system represents a paradigm shift in site security. It monitors everything that goes on in the premises at all times. Once installed, it can be programmed to work at scheduled times of the day, such as after-hours or at night. Whenever anyone enters the premises during this time, the system will detect them immediately. Virtual guard incorporates strobe lights, thermal/high resolution cameras, sirens, live audio, and professional real time voice interactions with the intruder or pre-recorded audio to warn them.  The audio messages are polite but assertive, and the intruder will be asked to leave.

The video cameras are of extremely high quality, and the footage is very clear. This helps to ensure that there are no false alarms. Once the guards at Command Center ascertain that the intruder should not be there at that time, the authorities are alerted immediately. This way, the authorities can arrive at the scene and prevent the crime from happening.

Crime doesn’t pay- preventing crime does!

While crime and ‘whodunit’ is always fodder for great entertainment, preventing crime, using the solution described above, is not only good citizenship; it helps the bottom line of the company. The virtual guard system eliminates delays caused by stolen equipment or vandalism, and removes the need to file police reports and insurance claims, which are time consuming, distracting and therefore costly.

The virtual guard system costs significantly less than hiring guards from patrol security guard companies. It is also not vulnerable to job fatigue or coffee breaks. The system is ‘on guard & watching’ at all times.

Let’s compare: security guard vs. the virtual guard solution

The pitfalls of the ole’ minimum-wage security guard method are numerous: guards leaving their post or napping, guards get distracted, their over-sight is limited by nature and they can only monitor one relatively small area. And when confronted with an impending criminal situation, they are reluctant to put themselves at risk, understandably.

With the virtual guard system there are no cases of ‘sleeping on the job’.  The system advantages include intelligent video and analytics, thermal cameras, security surveillance with video monitoring where all cameras monitored simultaneously, live intrusion detection, live two way audio, and an immediate call for authority response if all else fails.

In short, when it comes to construction site security, the virtual guard system is the most effective, reliable and economical one. But our segment of the industry is not resting on its laurels. We continue to improve our technology, service and efficiency day by day.

How cutting-edge technology prevents crime, slashes costs while advancing peace of mind. As reported in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, theft and vandalism on construction sites is an industry-wide problem that directly affects the bottom line:

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Owen Dvir is the President of Virtual Guard, Inc., a premier company in intelligent guarding solutions.