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Live Video monitoring service: Commercial buildings, estates, construction sites, automobile dealerships and other businesses and companies have a lot of equipment that they would like to secure at all times. If it was possible, the owners of these buildings would hire several hundred guards to man every corner of the business at all times. However, this is costly and impractical. Furthermore, even if there were guards at every corner, the security would still not be full-proof as the guards are vulnerable to fatigue, irregular working schedules, and sleep. This is why a Virtual Guard live video monitoring service is the best solution for such businesses.

How does the live video monitoring service work?

The live video monitoring service involves the constant monitoring of cameras by professionals who are always ready to respond whenever an intrusion occurs. Therefore, unlike passive monitoring where video recordings are reviewed after a crime has happened, live video monitoring involves watching the videos in real time. This security approach is very proactive and event-driven, and the monitoring personnel will respond to the intrusion immediately after it occurs.

The Virtual Guard live video monitoring technology uses very high-tech systems that are similar to those that are used in the Department of Defense and the US Department of Homeland Security. Virtual Guard has also developed its own software that enables guards to respond immediately to any signs of intrusion. The video quality is extremely high, and this allows the guards and monitoring personnel to see everything very clearly. This enables live video verification, and eliminates any false alarms. The system also has strobe lights and speakers which allow the guards to communicate directly to the intruder and to scare them away.

Benefits of Virtual Guard video monitoring service

1. Unlike other passive security videos, the virtual guard video monitors are very proactive. They are constantly watching the premises to detect any unusual activities.

2. Live video monitoring prevents crime from happening. This type of security monitoring does not simply scan recorded videos after the crime has happened. The videos are monitored at all times in order to catch the intruder before they are able to commit the crime.

3. The video cameras that are used by Virtual Guard are of extremely high quality. The technology is similar to that of security systems that are used by several government departments. The high quality videos means that the guards and personnel can easily verify everything that they see on the camera. This significantly reduces the number of false alarms.

4. The video monitoring service provides an immediate response whenever suspicious activity is noted. The system has speakers and strobe lights which will try to scare the intruder away. The personnel can also contact the law enforcement officials who will arrive at the scene promptly in order to stop the crime from happening.

5. The video monitoring service works round the clock. This means that there are no breaks or sleep, as the premises will be monitored throughout.

With the Virtual Guard Video Monitoring service, the client will literally have eyes all over their property that oversee the area and ensure that nothing suspicious is taking place. The client can therefore rest easy as they know that their property is properly guarded and that crime will be prevented before it happens.

video monitoring service