Crime prevention

Crime prevention

Crime prevention system: For a very long time, local authorities, companies and homeowners relied on on-site guards and passive security systems to protect urban areas and prevent crime. The problem with this approach is that it is costly and unreliable. Guards can easily get tired, and the passive security systems will relay information after the crime has already taken place. If you are looking for a good crime prevention system, please contact us immediately.

Unique urban crime prevention system

Virtual Guard has developed a unique urban crime prevention system that is proactive, and that will actively detect any intrusion in the area. This will ensure security by preventing the crime from taking place. Virtual Guard uses high-tech surveillance systems and interactive Command and Control systems that are certified by leading testing laboratories as well as the Israel Defense Force. This surveillance system will monitor the urban area in real time in order to catch perpetrators before they have the chance to commit the crime.

How Virtual Guard Helps With Urban Crime Prevention

– Law enforcement officials and local authority leaders will identify crime hot spots and high risk areas within the city or town. The Virtual Guard team will be responsible for designing and installing the live video monitoring systems that will meet the specific needs of this area.

Are Virtualguards crime prevention systems solid?

– The Virtual Guard high-tech systems are of very high quality. This means that the personnel at the control and command station can be able to identify and verify everything that is happening in the urban area. This reduces the risks and costs of false alarms or wrong identification.

– The surveillance system is capable of monitoring several crime hotspots simultaneously. Digital signals and alerts can be transmitted to and from any place in the area. This reduces the number of personnel or guards that are required to guard the place. The sophisticated video monitoring equipment can be deployed over a wide area where they will provide live feeds without any technical difficulties.

– Virtual Guard has incorporated the ioimage technology in its urban crime prevention system. This technology has been military-tested and field-tested in conditions that exceed those that can be found in most premises or urban areas. It will therefore work in all seasons and under all conditions without any difficulties.

– When a perpetrator has been identified, the system will communicate directly with them. The personnel or guards will warn the intruder in an effort to scare them away. If this is insufficient, the Virtual Guard team will alert the authorities so that they can get to the scene of the crime within the shortest time possible.

Is the crime prevention system reliable?

The Virtual Guard urban crime prevention system is reliable, because the residents do not have to worry about job fatigue or staff illnesses. They can be sure that their estate or town is under 24-hour surveillance every day of the week. This will give them peace of mind as they will know that their streets are safe and secure. Furthermore, the system is significantly cheaper than hiring several security guards to monitor every corner of the urban area.

A proven crime prevention system

urban crime prevention